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About Us

About FrameMakers

Framemakers since 1984 has been offering framing solutions to High end Galleries, Independent Artists and Interior Designers.  In 2011 Richard and Edit purchased Framemakers and shortly thereafter expanded their business by not limiting themselves to just working with wood and metal, and added poly frames.  Midway through 2015, they began their newest adventure, not to just offer top quality framing solutions, but to get into the art world itself and offer a complete line of framed art. Thus the creation of “Images by FrameMakers” was launched.  Over the last year, FrameMakers has quietly built a diverse line of images mostly in polystyrene frames, to offer to independent retailers across Canada.

Images by FrameMakers is about making their business complete.  It’s about a self pride in seeing images that they have selected and chosen the framing for, hanging in businesses and homes throughout our great country.  It’s about knowing that the image on that wall hanging there today, will look just as clean and perfect in five years as it does today. It’s about not just selling framing, it’s about selling art.  Art sells because the image makes people smile, remember a moment in time, a place they have been. Art is an investment in pleasure.  Richard and Edit wanted this smile to share with as many people as they can, while they get to live with each piece even for a moment each day creating a continuous smile in their lives.

Not only are we just a framing solution, now we are in the art business. And to be so, we have not limited ourselves in buying just published images by the big publishing companies.  Here at Images by FrameMakers we have a category of images in our ‘Canadian Art NOW’ catalogue.  These are images that we Publish and/or Distribute for Canadian Artists.  This category is of our home grown talent.  These are local Canadian artists that we are more than proud to represent.

Images by FrameMakers are offering retailers a quality framed image at a competitive price, with an excellent turnover period for orders.  Our feeling is the quicker we can get the order out, the better for our partners have at selling an image to their customers.

Art is an investment in pleasure

Our Staff

Richard Adamson – Head Honcho

richardRichard has been a lifelong entrepreneur, having owned and managed several businesses both in the UK and Canada. He and his partner Edit purchased FrameMakers International His primary focus is managing the workshop operations and also takes care of the financial side of things. In Richard’s free time he is a keen cyclist and in winter takes to downhill skiing.

Edit Pal – Artist & Graphic Designer

editEdit completed a Fine Arts degree in Europe. After immigrating to Canada she continued her studies and qualified as a graphic designer, putting her artistic talents to work in that field for many years. Since the purchase of FrameMakers International she has spearheaded the redesigning of the corporate logo and signage. And most recently Edit has designed the framing options of the images you see throughout our website.

Workshop Crew

All framers in the workshop have a long history working at FrameMakers. They are quality oriented and creative artisans in all aspects of framing. This ensures all the work is completed perfectly and consistently, on time. Our crew is experienced in handling jobs of any size and capable of finding solutions for any problems including those that have not yet been invented!



Zoya is that pleasant voice that you hear almost every time you call.  Zoya has been in the custom frame business for many years.  And she now brings her skills to our custom frame department.  Zoya is the person to talk to about any custom framing that you have. With over 4000 corner samples from all the major suppliers, she is pretty sure she can help you find what you are looking for.

Sean Darling

Sean Darling

Sean is our go to person for the entire program. It was his vision to create our line.  He has personally selected the images, frames and designing.  He personally works with every client, with the approach of not just a client, but rather a new friend.. a partner in the industry. Sean began working in the art industry in his late teens.. having left and come back a couple of times, he has finally realized his dream position, and now is living it here at Images by Framemakers.

art is an investment in pleasure…

Majid – “Magic Man”

Majid is our Product Manager as well as our Matte and Texturing Specialist.  Having mastered his craft, no obstacle is too large for him to overcome. He has been in the industry for over 20 years, and with Framemakers for more than 12 years.  Every image that goes out, has passed his table in one format or another.



IMG_1201 final

After graduating through a Co-Op Student Program, Chucky was hired to cut and join for the Images by Framemakers program.  Gradually he has taken his position and grown to be the Lead person in the back for all cutting and joining.  He has also taken the initiative to help design frames for image.  He has a keen eye and a pride for his work that is second to none.


Wang is our go to guy for everything.  He is crossed trained over many years into custom framing through to assembly.  With a positive attitude and a belief in the client getting what they are suppose to get and then some.

Ray “Rayman”

Ray is our lead assembler for custom framing. With over 19 years in the industry, cross trained on everything to do with framing, he is a large asset to our company. With great pride, he works on every piece as if they are priceless gems to be displayed in his own home.


Chris too graduated through our Co-Op Student Program, after his completion he took over as a picture assembler.  In the time that he has been here, he has taken opportunities to grow more into our industry.  Not only does he know how to cut and join, Chris also assists in graphic design, printing and running orders through. Some of you may have met him, as he volunteered to work at the 2018 CGTA, just so he could meet the person behind the orders. He has been self evolving his position into more of an assistant to Sean while also taking full lead of the production.  If you cannot reach Sean, Chris is the person to ask for, as he has been shadowing and continues to shadow Sean learning everything he can about the business.