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Carol Robinson

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, American artist Carol Robinson later moved with her family to Colorado. While in elementary school, Robinson found she was interested in art and painting. Though born in the United States, Robinson now lives in Alberta, Canada, with her husband and their children. She continues to paint and create mixed-media pieces in her spare time.

Robinson became an artist in the early 1990s, and she honed her unique sense of style during those early years. Known for her portraits and landscapes, she often creates whimsical pieces that seem to be from a previous era. Her vintage-inspired prints are popular with people interested in Fine Arts and Decorative Arts. As a mixed-media artist, Robinson often combines different elements and pieces in her art. For instance, her piece Vin shows a wine bottle and the word vin sitting in front of a vintage map with a handful of ripe grapes at the forefront. Some of her works also incorporate words and phrases, such as the piece Blessings. This piece shows a surreal image of a beach with a seashell on the front and a short phrase that encourages viewers to focus on the blessings they receive every day. Also known for her landscape work, she uses soft colors and simple designs that make the landscapes appear to be from another world, as in her work Clearing Sky II. Robinson also dabbles in simple pieces that highlight bathrooms or kitchens, including the piece Country Bath III. She wants viewers to look at her paintings and think about the stories they tell. Each of her pieces highlights a specific moment in time or a particular place, and she wants her fans to wonder what she thought about when painting those pieces.

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